Realtor Support

Realtor services from BINSR repairs, to REO face-lifts and remodels, to 203K Loan properties are a specialty of DHR.  With our understanding of the need for responsiveness, our Realtor services are perfect to fill the short timelines associated with closings whether they be standard arms-length transaction or REO and foreclosure sales with banks, real estate agents BINSR needs or any other closing repair conditions.  Contact us today to find out more!

BINSR (Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response)

dam-biz-4-jpgThe BINSR form in real estate is used to notify the seller of repairs that need to be completed on the home before the buyer will agree to the final contract and close. Repair items called out on the BINSR, whether minor or major, usually need to be completed quickly so the sale can close as scheduled. With our Realtor Services, we have the proven ability and system in place to complete quality repairs in a timely fashion.

Sale-Ready Repairs:

Many improvements that have an impact on selling a home aren’t very expensive at all. We offer sensible solutions to spruce up your listing and make it move in ready in a timely manner. Within 24 hours from the time you contact us, we visit the property; make some recommendations for you and your seller’s review. Once you select the services we recommend or any other services you request, we will price it according to our discounted hourly rate and schedule an appointment to complete your order in a timely manner for you to begin marketing the property.  

Home Inspection Repairs:

Buyers are not looking for concession. They want to move in right after closing the escrow. You can send us the Buyer Inspection Notice Seller Response (BINSR) or the Home Inspection Report  and let us give you a free estimate using our discounted hourly rates to help you close your deal.  We understand time is of the essence. We act quickly and responsibly to complete the repairs.  We are licensed, bonded and insured. You will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our workmanship is backed by a one year warranty on labor and passed on to the new home owner.

REO (Real Estate Owned) Realtor Services

DHR is an established preferred contractor for banks and real estate agents in the Phoenix area.  From minor face-lifts to complete trash outs and remodels, our response time is quick and time to completion helps get properties on the market fast and ready for closing.  Deploying our Realtor services for REO properties in these time sensitive situations is an advantage for our clients.

Realtor Services

Realtor Services that help our clients get the job done on time and within budget!

FHA 203K Loan Properties

Under the FHA 203K Loans, home-buyers are able to perform upgrades and repairs to their property with no minimum dollar amount, however, there is a maximum dollar amount of $35,000 (including 10% contingency). Once successfully closed, a home-buyer in an FHA 203K loan has 3-months from the date of close to finalize all repairs and complete the remodel. Having an experienced contractor with the knowledge of FHA 203K loans can be a huge stress reliever whether the job was for minor repairs and renovations or for a complete house remodeling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]